Kasparov's Immortal

A very famous game in chess is the one between Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov. This happened in Hoogovens Tournament 1999. Kasparov totally demolished Topalov with his aggressive playing style. Even before that, they had both played against each other. Their first match was on September 10, 1984. This match became the longest match in World Chess Championship history. After this match, they met several times again. When they then met in 1999, Kasparov won and this game became known as Kasparov's Immortal. The game was played by Garry Kasparov as White against Veselin Topalov as Black. This is one of Kasparov's most famous games; it is considered a masterpiece and Chess.com has listed it as the #1 chess game ever played.




25 Feb 2023