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A draw in the third Catalan opening in the match

The FIDE World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand of India and Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria saw the sixth game played this Saturday at the Central Military Club in Sofia.

Anand had the White pieces and for the third time we observed Catalan opening on the board.

Topalov returned to the safer variation that he already employed in the 2nd game of the match. Anand displayed the depth and flexibility of his preparation and was once again the first to deviate from an earlier game as on move 10 he extended Bishop's diagonal and landed on g5, instead of d2.

Topalov won the Bishop's pair, but didn't hesitate to offer the pawn back and even sacrifice another for the initiative. Anand declined the offer and decided to exchange the Queens. An interesting position in which White has two Knights and Black plays two Bishops occurred. For some time we watched patient maneuvering as both players tried to locate optimal squares for the pieces.

White eventually managed to trade of a pair of minor pieces, but Black wisely forced another exchange - pawn d4 for e2. After sacrificing another pawn, on b4, Topalov obtained wonderful counterplay and stopped worrying how to save the game. He tried to further press Anand's position with doubled Rooks on the 2nd rank, but the material was already very reduced.

The repetition of moves in a completely equal position meant a peace treaty, on move 58.

Sunday is rest day, the play continues on Monday 15:00 local time, when the pieces' colours are alternating and Anand has White again.




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